Student Evaluation

At the end of the first and second year, the Graduate Curriculum Committee meets individually with each student to discuss his/her plans and progress. The student is also judged on his/her performance in the courses, journal and research presentations and laboratory research.

The student then has to pass a qualifying examination. This consists of an oral examination and submission of two research proposals. One of the proposals centers on the student's thesis research while the other involves an immunological problem outside of his/her own research. The proposals must demonstrate a command of the literature pertinent to the research areas and the experimental strategies suggested for solving the problems. Four faculty members, excluding the student’s research preceptor, perform the evaluation. After passing the qualifying examination, the student's progress is monitored by a Thesis Advisory Committee at least once a year. This committee includes the thesis advisor and two other faculty members of the student's choice. A student can request a meeting of the Advisory Committee at any time.