Seminars and Seminar Workshops 
The Immunology Program maintains a vigorous program of seminars by leading immunologists from outside UCSF to foster in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in immunology. The students and postdoctoral fellows also have the chance to meet with many of the most active researchers in the field, and, in doing so, also to establish scientific connections. All of the students and postdoctoral fellows are strongly encouraged to attend these seminars throughout their enrollment in the program.

1. Immunology Seminars
Scientists from outside UCSF present seminars once a week throughout the academic year. The trainees also benefit from seminar series in Biochemistry and in Biomedical Sciences.

2. Research Group Seminars
Each research group has a weekly discussion session in which members of the group present their experiments or discuss the latest literature pertinent to their own research. These sessions are informal but vigorous and critical, and are invaluable for getting suggestions for the research. They are also a rehearsal for more formal research seminars given to a larger audience.

3. Dissertation Seminars
The finishing student must present publicly his/her dissertation in a departmental seminar. These seminars are advertised to the entire campus, as well as to the local scientific community, and are usually well attended.

4. Immunology Program Conference
Each year, all the people participating in the Immunology Program have a conference. Principal investigators or members of his/her group give an overview of research in progress. In recent years, the Immunology conference has included the immunology group from UC Berkeley and has been held at the Granlibakken Conference Center in Lake Tahoe.