Postdoctoral Seminars

The postdoctoral fellows comprise a highly independent and interactive group of young scientists. They continually formulate new ideas and develop independent collaborations between laboratories, thus facilitating the cross-fertilization so essential to the success of the Immunology Program. 

In addition to actively participating in the Journal Club and the retreat, the postdocs organize a monthy research-in-progress series in which two postdoc speakers each present their recent work.These seminars provide post-doctoral fellows with an opportunity to present their preliminary data to the immunology community.The Immunology Post-doctoral Fellow Seminars are held once a month. For additional information, contact Kevin Barry and Megan Ruhland.

Location: N-729
Time: 4:00-5:00 p.m.

2015-2016 Postdoctoral Seminar Series 





Kevin Thurley (Altschuler & Wu)

Renuka Nayak (Turnbaugh)





Adam Courtney (Weiss Lab)

Shahzada Khan (Shomyseh Sanjabi) 




 Rachel Ruthishauser (McCune Lab) 

Pamela Odorizzi (Feeney Lab)





En Cai (Krummel Lab)





 Meghan Morrissey (Vale Lab)





Marc Potempa (Lanier Lab) 

Hesham Shehata (Sanjabi Lab)