The courses listed below deal specifically with immunology. Related courses can be found on the BMSPIBS, and the Department of Microbiology & Immunology websites.

Graduate School Courses 

Micro 204 Molecular and Cellular Immunology
This is an introductory graduate level course open to students from BMS, PIBS, Pharmaceutial Chemistry and other UCSF graduate programs.

Course Director 
Jason Cyster

email: j[email protected]
phone:(415) 502-6427


Mechanisms of innate immunity, inflammation, immunoglobulin gene rearrangements, cell biology of antigen presentation to T-cells and of lymphocyte trafficking, antigen and cytokine receptor structure and signal transduction mechanisms, lymphocyte development and activation, mechanisms of cell-mediated killing of infected and neoplastic cells, whole organism immune response to infection, and diseases of the immune system, including allergy, autoimmunity, and AIDS. Includes discussion of translational topics such as CAR T cells and mechanisms of cancer immunotherapy, and approaches to vaccine development.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Micro 209. Advanced Topics in Immunology. 
Discussion of selected areas in immunology. Topic varies from year to year.

BMS 270 Minicourses

Minicourses are offered in the spring quarter of the first year in conjunction with other graduate programs. These courses are typically two to three weeks in length and are more focused on a narrow topic with in depth review of primary literature in a discussion group setting. The Immunology program offers at least one minicouse per year on a rotating basis. In spring of 2011, a course focused on the role of microRNA in the immune system was offered.
This course is open to first year students. Second and Third year students will be accepted on space availability.

Professional School Courses 

Micro 116. Microbiology and Immunology in Dentistry.
For students in the School of Dentistry.

Micro 121. Immunology for Pharmacy Students.
For students in the School of Pharmacy.

IDS 105. Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (I-3)

For students in the School of Medicine.