Program Career Development for Postdoctoral Fellows

The Immunology Program career development pathway targets postdoctoral fellows who have been at UCSF 1 year and beyond. The goal of the program is facilitate the career development of our trainees as they develop their research programs, apply for funding, and apply for faculty positions.

The program will

1. Pair faculty and postdoctoral fellows 1:1 for advice on research projects, letters of support for grant proposals and for job searches, as well as comments on job talks

2. Offer postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to present their job talk and/or chalk talk to a group of faculty to get feedback

3. Offer opportunities for postdoctoral fellows to meet with invited speakers

4. Offer postdoctoral fellows the opportunity to present their work in the Friday Postdoctoral research series 

Expectations of Postdoctoral participants

1. Arrange meetings with assigned mentor at least 2X/year- including a lunch meeting

2. Participate in the Postdoctoral seminar series and present each year.

3. Coordinate with mentor to make sure mentor can attend the postdoctoral fellow’s presentation in Friday Postdoctoral seminar series

4. Communicate with program director a desire to present a job talk so that the director can arrange a presentation to faculty

Expectations of Mentor

1. Meet with mentee at least twice/year- to be initiated by mentee. Mentee should invite mentor to lunch. (Establish a fund small fund $2000 in which any postdoc can invite a faculty member to lunch to discuss any topic they want to discuss)

2. Read grants of mentee when asked

3. Write letters of recommendation for mentee

4. Attend postdoctoral presentation by mentee in Friday postdoctoral seminar series- mentee should check schedule with mentor when signing up for talk

5. Participate in job talk practices

How to participate

The postdoc submits to Website:

a. a summary of research project and goals of postdoctoral fellowship

b. their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for mentors. Include names and description of any ongoing collaborations with current faculty.