The Immunology Program at the University of California, San Francisco is designed to instill in trainees both a strong knowledge of cell and molecular biology and an up-to-date appreciation of cellular and molecular immunology.

Whereas in the past our program had a strong basic science emphasis, in recent years, we have added an increased emphasis on mechanisms of disease pathology.

Many opportunities remain for immunologists to contribute to better health of the US and world populations and our students and post-doctoral fellows learn about these issues as well as fundamental immunology.

For this purpose we take advantage of our location in a major medical school and the fact that a number of the participating faculty have considerable clinical involvement related to immunology from AIDS to autoimmunity to asthma to transplantation, facilitating exposure of our trainees to these issues.

Allergy and Asthma
Diabetes and Autoimmunity
Development and Differentiation
HIV and Viral Immunity
Immune Regulation
Immune Receptors and Signaling
Tumor Immunology
Immune Response to Microbial Pathogens