Immunology Seminar Series

Once a week throughout the academic year, renowned scientists from all over the world present cutting-edge research in the Immunology Seminar Series. The seminars are held at 9am on Mondays at Parnassus in N-225.  For details, please contact us at or (415) 502-1961.

The seminars have been made possible by generous support from the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology, the Rosalind Russell Medical Research Center for Arthritis, and the Sandler Center for Basic Research in Asthma.

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: N-225*
* Location will vary so please note changes in weekly IM Events email

The video download and live video feature is currently not available. When the feature becomes available once again, a link will be posted on this website.
**Please note that you need to be on the UCSF server to view the seminars on-line.

Now available Video streaming Spring 2017 (UCSF MyAccess login required)

Archive available (UCSF MyAccess login required) Winter 2017 - Fall 2016 -  Winter 2016 -  Fall 2015 - Winter 2015 - Fall 2014Summer 2014Winter 2014  - Fall 2013

For details, please contact the Immunology Program Coordinator at or (415) 502-1961.

2016-2017 Immunology Seminar Series






September 5, 2016


No Seminar – Labor Day




 September 12, 2016


Hao Wu

Boston Children's Hospital



 Averil Ma


September 19, 2016


Marion Pepper

University of Washington



 Ari Molofsky


September 26, 2016


No Seminar -  UCSF/UCB Immunology Retreat  




 October 3, 2016



Daniel Cua

Merck Research Laboratory


 Rich Locksley


October 10, 2016



Morgan Huse

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


 Oren Rosenberg


October 17, 2016  (HSW-303)



Hilde Cheroutre

La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology


 Anthony DeFranco 


October 24, 2016



Axel Kallies

University of Melbourne



Anita Sil



October 31, 2016



Minsoo Kim

University of Rochester Medical Center



 Michelle Hermiston



November 7, 2016



Sing Sing Way

 Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center


 Trevor Burt



 November 14, 2016



Michael Sixt

IST Austria
Institute of Science & Technology

 Jason Cyster & Max Krummel


November 21, 2016




No Seminar -  Thanksgiving Week







November 28, 2016



Michael Lenardo

National Institute of Health



 Jennifer Puck


December 5, 2016


David Masopust

University of Minnesota 




 Adrian Erlebacher



December 12, 2016



Frederic Geissmann

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


  Jody Baron


December 19, 2016



Sarah Gaffen

University of Pittsburgh



 Judith Hellman



December 26, 2016



No Seminar – Christmas Week





January 2, 2017



No Seminar – New Years Week






January 9, 2017



Crystal MacKall 

Stanford University



 Lewis Lanier



January 16, 2017



No Seminar – Martin Luther King Jr. Day





January 23, 2017



Adolfo Ferrando

Columbia University


Michael McManus 



January 30, 2017



No Seminar –  Midwinter Conference of Immunologists




February 1, 2017**

Wednesday in HSW-300



Zhijian 'James' Chen

UT Southwestern Medical Center



 Averil Ma


February 6, 2017



Gabriel Victora

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research



  Julie Zikherman



February 13, 2017



Alexander Hoffmann





Markus Muschen



February 20, 2017




No Seminar – President's Day 





February 27, 2017


Dorian McGavern

National Institute of Neurological disorders & stroke


 Katerina Akassoglou


March 6, 2017



Shiv Pillai

Massachusetts General Hospital



Anthony DeFranco


March 13, 2017



Donna Farber

Columbia University



Trevor Burt


March 20, 2017



Catherine LYNN Hedrick

La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology



  Julie Zikherman




March 27, 2017



Chris Garcia

Stanford University



 Art Weiss


April 3, 2017



Susan Kaech

Yale University


Jeroen Roose        


April 10, 2017



Chyi Hsieh

Washington University in St. Louis



 Mark Anserson


April 17, 2017



Louis Picker

Oregon Health & Science University




Shomi Sanjabi


April 24, 2017



Melody Swarz 

University of Chicago



Mellanie Ott  


May 1, 2017



Yang-Xin Fu

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center



 Qizhi Tang


May 8, 2017



Alex Marson






May 15, 2017



Carla Rothlin

Yale University




 Rich Locksley


May 24, 2017**




Ian Wilson

The Scripps Research Institute



  Jason Cyster


May 29, 2017



No Seminar – Memorial Day