Immunology Seminar Series

Once a week throughout the academic year, renowned scientists from all over the world present cutting-edge research in the Immunology Seminar Series. The seminars are held at 9am on Mondays at Parnassus in N-225, and are simulcast to Mission Bay, in Genentech Hall, S-271. DVD's of most seminars are also available for loan. For details, please contact us at or (415) 502-1961.

The seminars have been made possible by generous support from the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology, the Rosalind Russell Medical Research Center for Arthritis, and the Sandler Center for Basic Research in Asthma.

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Location: N-225*, simulcast to Mission Bay (GH-S271*).
* Location will vary so please note changes in weekly IM Events email

The video download and live video feature is currently not available. When the feature becomes available once again, a link will be posted on this website.
**Please note that you need to be on the UCSF server to view the seminars on-line.

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Archive available (UCSF MyAccess login required) Winter 2014  - Fall 2013

For details, please contact the Immunology Program Coordinator at or (415) 502-1961.

2013-2014 Immunology Seminar Series

Download the 2013-2014 Schedule







September 9, 2013



Chang-Zheng Chen, PhD

Stanford University



Michael McManus


September 16, 2013


Andrey Shaw, MD

Washington University

St. Louis



Cliff Lowell


September 23, 2013


Nir Hacohen, PhD

Harvard University



Mark Anderson


September 30, 2013


Laurence Cheng, MD, PhD




Rich Locksley


October 7, 2013



Jay Groves, PhD

UC Berkeley



Art Weiss


October 14, 2013



Arthur Weiss, MD, PhD




Jeoung-Sook Shin


October 21, 2013



Astar Winoto, PhD

UC Berkeley



Averil Ma


October 28, 2013



Matthew Krummel, PhD






November 4, 2013



Wenjun Ouyang, PhD




Rich Locksley


November 11, 2013



No Seminar – Veterans Day




November 18, 2013



Dennis Kasper, MD

Harvard University



Abul Abbas


November 25, 2013



 No Seminar -  Thanksgiving Week




December 2, 2013



Vishva Dixit, MD




Averil Ma


December 9, 2013

  *Room N-217


Steve Smale, PhD

UC Los Angeles



Mark Ansel


December 16, 2013



Max Cooper, MD

Emory University



Art Weiss


December 23, 2013



No Seminar – Christmas Week





December 30, 2013



No Seminar – New Years Eve






January 6, 2014



Pam Schwartzberg, PhD

National Cancer Institute (NIH)



Averil Ma


January 13, 2014



Louis Staudt, MD, PhD

National Cancer Institute (NIH)



Markus Muschen


January 20, 2014



No Seminar –Martin Luther King JR. Day





January 27, 2014



No Seminar –  Midwinter Conference of Immunologists, Asilomar Meeting





February 3, 2014



Anthony DeFranco, PhD






February 10, 2014



Richard Flavell, PhD

Yale University



Shomyseh Sanjabi


February 17, 2014



No Seminar – President’s Day





February 24, 2014



Shane Crotty, PhD






March 3, 2014



Genhong Cheng, PhD

UC Los Angeles



Jason Cyster


March 10, 2014



Fred Alt, PhD






March 17, 2014



John Wherry, PhD

University of Pennsylvania



Mehrdad Matloubian


March 24, 2014



Eric Meffre, PhD

Yale University



Jason Cyster


March 31, 2014



Russell Vance, PhD

UC Berkeley



Anthony DeFranco


April 7, 2014



Sankar Ghosh, PhD

Columbia University



Art Weiss


April 14, 2014



Raymond Welsh, PhD

University of Massachusetts



Mike McCune


April 21, 2014



Chris Goodnow, PhD

Australian National University



Art Weiss


April 24, 2014

  *Thursday 10am


Dr. Ana-Maria Lennon-Dumenil

Institut Curie France



Matthew Krummel


April 28, 2014



Catherine Blish, MD, PhD

Stanford University School of Medicine






May 5, 2014



No Seminar – AAI





May 12, 2014



Yasmine Belkaid, PhD




De’Broski Herbert


May 19, 2014



Dietmar Zehn, M.D.,PhD

Swiss Vaccine Research Institute



Matthew Krummel


May 26, 2014



No Seminar – Memorial Day





June 2, 2014


Sachdev Sidhu, PhD

University of Toronto