Micro 204 Fall 2017 Schedule

Microbiology 204: Molecular and Cellular Immunology

Fall 2017

M/W/F/ 1-2:30pm


Course Director: Jason Cyster / phone 502-6427)

TA: Jeanmarie Gonzalez

Lecture Cast (Here)


Monday Sept 25 CL220/223 Overview of the Immune System Cyster


Wednesday Sept 27 CL220/223 Innate Immunity Lowell 


Friday Sept 29 CL220/223 Antibodies/Ig genes (flipped session) DeFranco / Allen


Monday Oct 2 CL220/223 Homing/Inflammation  Lowell


Wednesday Oct 4 CL220/223 MHC/Antigen Presentation Anderson


Friday Oct 6 CL220/223 Discussion   


Monday Oct 9 CL220/223 T Cell Antigen Receptors Weiss


Wednesday Oct 10 HSW302 TCR signaling Weiss


Friday Oct 13 CL220/223 Discussion   


Monday Oct 16 CL220/223 T Cell Development (flipped session) Anderson/Krummel


Wednesday Oct 18 CL220/223 B Cell Development and Tolerance Cyster


Friday Oct 20 CL220/223 Anatomy of Immune Responses Cyster


Monday Oct 23 CL220/223 B Cell Activation (flipped session) Cyster/Zikherman


Wednesday Oct 25 CL220/223 Discussion  


Friday Oct 27 -- No Class (BMS Retreat)  


Monday Oct 30 CL220/223 Innate lymphocytes (NK, ILCs) Lanier


Wednesday Nov 1 CL220/223 Cytotoxic T cell Functions Sanjabi


Friday Nov 3 CL220/223 Discussion


Monday Nov 6 CL220/223 Cytokines/Th1/Th2 



Wednesday Nov 8 CL220/223 Discussion  


Friday Nov 10 -- No class (VETERANS DAY)  


Monday Nov 13 CL220/223 T Cell Activation (flipped session) Anderson/Krummel  
Wednesday Nov 15 HSW302 Systems Immunology Spitzer


Friday Nov 17 CL220/223 T Cell Tolerance Tang


Monday Nov 20 CL220/223 Autoimmunity  Tang


Wednesday Nov 22 -- No Class (Thanksgiving Break)    
Friday Nov 24 -- No Class (Thanksgiving Break)    
Monday Nov 27 HSW303 Defense against Bacteria/Parasites Locksley


Wednesday Nov 29 HSW303 Allergy and Asthma (flipped session) Locksley/Ansel


Friday Dec 1 CL220/223 Defense agains Viruses / AIDS Sanjabi


Monday Dec 4 CL220/223

 Tumor Immunity/Immunotherapy

 (flipped session)



Wednesday Dec 6 CL220/223



*Broadcast to Mission Bay: Mission Hall 2103

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